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Federal DWI

The majority of driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges are prosecuted in State and local courts. Under certain circumstances, however, a DWI offense can violate federal laws. Standard DWI convictions carry heavy penalties, but a federal DWI offense has enhanced legal consequences.

Federal DWI cases arise if the alleged offender is driving impaired on federal property. Since the incident occurs on federal property or property under federal jurisdiction, it is handled under federal law. Normally, a federal DWI occurs at military bases or national parks.

If a person has been arrested for a federal DWI, it is essential that they contact a criminal defense attorney.

Attorney for Federal DWI Cases in Pensacola, FL

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Overview for Federal DWI in Pensacola, FL

DWI State & Federal Criteria

Florida statute § 316.193, states the following elements a prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to charge a person with a DUI.

Through the Assimilated Crimes Act, 18 U.S.C § 13(a), federal courts have jurisdiction over acts committed on federal property which constitute an offense under the laws of the State in which the act was committed. Basically, if you are driving impaired on federal land, you may be prosecuted in federal court for a DUI.

In addition, 18 U.S.C § 3118 states that any person operating a motor vehicle in special maritime or territorial jurisdiction must consent to chemical testing if asked. Refusal to submitting to a chemical test results in an automatic one year suspension from operating motor vehicles in either special maritime or territorial jurisdiction for the U.S.

DWIs & Federal Properties

A person arrested with a DWI on federal property may have their case tried in a federal court of law. There are several different kinds of federal property that can land an impaired driver with a federal DWI.

Some federal properties in the Escambia County area include:

Code of Federal Regulation (CFR)

The National Park Service issues DWI laws from the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR). According to 36 CFR § 4.23, a DWI on the premises of a national park is a federal Class B Misdemeanor. The following are the penalties for a DWI on the property of a national park:

Implied consent laws are applied with DWIs in national parks. A person refusing a blood, breath, or urine test can lead to loss of driving privileges on federal land for up to one year. Additionally, your penalties may be enhanced if you have a minor in the car, cause property damage and the DWI results in "serious bodily injury" or death.

The Assimilated Crimes Act (ACA)

If a person is charged with a DWI on other types of federal land besides national parks, it falls under the Assimilated Crimes Act (ACA). Federal DWIs, according to the ACA, are prosecuted according to the Florida laws in federal court.

Pursuant to the Assimilated Crimes Act, 18 U.S.C. § 13, et seq., 18 U.S.C. § 3118 provides:

Federal DUI/DWI Penalties through the Assimilated Crimes Act

Florida has it’s own statutory penalties for a driving while intoxicated charge (DWI/DUI). If you are arrested on federal property for DUI in Florida and are punished by a federal court, you will face the Florida penalties for DUI through The Assimilated Crimes Act. The penalties can be enhanced through certain circumstances of the offense. If the driver’s blood-alcohol level is at .15, or if a minor accompanies the driver during the offense, the penalties are elevated.

If for a DUI, a person may face the following penalties:

If a person has a blood alcohol level of .15 or is accompanied by the minor the penalties are enhanced.

Additional Resources

Code of Federal Regulations – Visit the U.S. Government Publishing Office to read the Code of Federal Regulations. See what the CFR details as a DWI or DUI, the adjoining penalties, and the enhanced penalties that happen if a person drives impaired on national park property.

Assimilative Crimes Act, 18 U.S.C § 13 – Visit the website for the Office of the United States Attorneys and read the specifics on DWIs according to the ACA. See more information on the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), the statutory language around DWIs on federal property, and more.

Find a Pensacola Attorney for Federal DWIs in Florida

A driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge on the State level is serious. Any person charged with a federal DWI is advised to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Defense attorney John Terezza has years of experience in State and federal criminal courts. He is passionate about his work and will work diligently to obtain desirable results for your case. John Terrezza values perseverance and transparency with his clients. Find an attorney who is thorough and has open communication with every client. Contact John Terrezza today at (850) 764-5291.

John Terrezza is a member of several law associations such as the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), and the Criminal Justice Act Panel.

John Terrezza represents clients in federal and State court in the Florida panhandle area, including surrounding counties Milton, Navarre, and Gulf Breeze in Santa Rosa County, and Pensacola in Escambia County.

Keep silent with federal or State authorities, and contact John Terrezza today at (850) 764-5291.

This article was last updated on September 21, 2018.