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College Student Defense

Florida is an attractive educational destination for thousands of students across the country. In addition to favorable weather, the Sunshine State is also home to a number of premier institutions of higher learning.

The greater Pensacola area has multiple colleges, but it also sees its fair share of students who are arrested. Some criminal charges are the result of unfamiliarity with local laws or honest misunderstandings, but convictions have the potential to essentially end academic careers before they have even had the chance to begin.

Lawyer for College Student Defense in Pensacola, Florida

If you are a student at a college or university in Florida who was recently arrested, you should not delay in seeking legal representation. Terrezza Law understands the multiple ways that an arrest can affect a student’s life and fights to get the most favorable outcome that results in the fewest possible penalties.

Pensacola criminal defense attorney John Terrezza represents students in and around Escambia County and Santa Rosa County. You can have him review your case and discuss your legal options as soon as you call (850) 764-5291 to take advantage of a free, confidential consultation.

Overview of College Student Criminal Charges in Escambia County

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Common Arrests for College Students in Florida

Regardless of their ages or lack of criminal backgrounds, college students are subject to the same criminal penalties as any other alleged offenders in Florida. People may be charged with any number of criminal offenses stemming from incidents on college campuses.

Terrezza Law defends college students who have been arrested or had warrants issued for criminal offenses throughout the Pensacola area. Some of the most common crimes that university students are arrested for in Florida include, but are not limited to:

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Disciplinary Hearings in Pensacola

Criminal charges are rarely the only problem that college students need to address following arrests. Most institutions of higher learning have student codes of conduct that detail their expectations of how students are expected to behave themselves.

Code of conduct violations will often lead to disciplinary hearings. Such hearings are independent of criminal charges, meaning that students who are acquitted of criminal charges could still be punished by their respective universities.

Disciplinary hearings often carry serious penalties that may include probation, suspension, or possibly even expulsion. The rules of these hearings differ between colleges, but students can still seek legal advice to know what the best approaches for their hearings might be.

A few of the schools in the Pensacola area include:

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Florida Resources for College Student Defense

Conduct and Grievance | University of West Florida (UWF) — You can learn how UWF handles “negative incidents” on this section of its website. In addition to a link to the UWF Student Code of Conduct, you can learn more about how alleged violations are adjudicated. Under the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities section, you can find information regarding UWF’s hazing policy, regulations, and academic misconduct code.

University of West Florida
11000 University Parkway
Pensacola, FL 32514
(850) 474-2000

Student Handbook | Pensacola State College (PSC) — The PSC student handbook covers the various responsibilities of students as well as their rights. You can learn more about alleged criminal and academic violations of the Student Code of Conduct. The handbook also details basic student procedural due process rights and non-academic appeals procedures.

Pensacola State College
1000 College Boulevard
Pensacola, FL 32504
(850) 484-1000

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Find a Lawyer for College Student Defense in Pensacola, FL

Are you a college student in Florida who was arrested or is being investigated for an alleged criminal offense? It is in your best interest to immediately retain legal counsel.

John Terrezza is a criminal defense attorney in Pensacola who defends clients at colleges and universities all over Santa Rosa County and Escambia County. He will provide an honest and thorough evaluation of your case during a free consultation when you call (850) 764-5291 or complete an online contact form today.

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