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DUI with Property Damage

Driving under the influence (DUI) in Florida can land a person with serious legal consequences. A DUI involving property damage can enhance these penalties even further. Related charges often include "hit and run" or "leaving the scene of the accident." A DUI charge with property damage can be life changing.

It is important that you are aware of what comes next with your charges. A DUI involving property damage penalties can include heavy fines and possible jail time. If you have been charged with DUI involving property damage, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Pensacola Attorney for DUI with Property Damage in FL

Have you been arrested for a DUI that involved property damage in the Pensacola, Florida area? Keep quiet with law enforcement, and contact Terrezza Law for a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.

John Terrezza is a skilled criminal defense attorney in Escambia County. He is well-versed in Florida DUI laws, including legislation involving property damage. Additionally, John Terrezza is passionate about criminal defense. Using his extensive resources, Mr. Terrezza will find all possible legal options for your case. Find an attorney who is strategic and determined. Contact John Terrezza today.

John Terrezza defends those charged with a DUI throughout Santa Rosa County and Escambia County including Navarre, Pensacola, Milton, and Gulf Breeze.

Do not hesitate when it comes to your future. Call John Terrezza at (850) 764-5291 or submit an online contact form for a free consultation today.

Overview for DUI with Property Damage in Florida

Definition of a DUI with Property Damage in Florida

Florida Statute § 316.193 outlines elements that the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to convict a person of a DUI with property damage.

In most cases this involves a driver, who while under the influence, crashes into another vehicle. Not only would an offender have to face the criminal consequences of such an accident but the offender could potentially face a civil lawsuit as well for the damages caused.

Florida Penalties for DUI with Property Damage

The penalties for a DUI with property damage can be severe. DUI involving property damage is a first degree misdemeanor. In addition to first degree misdemeanor penalties, a DUI with property damage has additional legal consequences.

If a person is convicted for a DUI with property damage, he or she may face the following penalties:

Enhanced Penalties for DUI Involving Property Damage in Florida

Legal consequences for a DUI with property damages can be elevated. If a person has a breath or blood-alcohol level of .15 or higher or the person has a minor in the car, a judge will impose the following penalties.

Additional Resources

Florida Statute § 316.193 – Visit the Florida Statute surrounding driving under the influence charges. See the legal language surrounding the specifics of the charge, the adjoining penalties and enhanced penalties of DUIs, and what happens to repeat offenders.

Licensed DUI Programs in Florida – Visit the official website for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Find more information regarding DUI programs in Florida. A DUI program is a non-profit organization that requires the accused to complete a drug and alcohol education to satisfy judicial and driver licensing requirements.

Find a Pensacola Lawyer for DUI with Property Damage in Florida

Have you been charged with a DUI offense in the Escambia County or Santa Rosa County area? Did your DUI include property damage? Make a plan and let us be your first step. Contact John Terrezza, an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help formulate a defense for your case.

John Terrezza has represented numerous clients charged with DUIs involving property damages. He is compassionate to his clients and understands the complexities of Florida's criminal court. He is practiced in filing motions, suppressing evidence, and finding all legal options for his clients. Let John Terrezza be your partner in this intimidating legal process. Contact Terrezza Law, and start the first steps for your defense today.

John Terrezza accepts clients throughout the First Judicial Circuit of Florida, Milton, Navarre, and Gulf Breeze in Santa Rosa County, and Pensacola in Escambia County.

This is not a time to be idle. Contact John Terrezza at (850) 764-5291, or simply submit an online contact form for a free consultation.

This article was last updated on September 21, 2018.