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Juvenile Criminal Offenses

When your child has been accused of a criminal act it’s an incredibly stressful experience. You may be unsure on what to do next or what the future might hold for your child. That is why it’s incredibly important and within your best interest to secure legal representation if your child has been arrested for a juvenile delinquency offense. Juvenile charges are handled very differently than standard criminal trials. Hiring an attorney who has a strong background in juvenile cases is important.

Juveniles that have a delinquent record face numerous issues because of their criminal past. Your child could have issues obtaining financial aid (FAFSA) loans for college, obtaining a job, and getting admitted into colleges or trade schools because of their record. If your child is facing juvenile delinquency charges it’s in your best interest to secure experienced legal counsel.

Juvenile Defense Attorney in Escambia County & Santa Rosa County, FL

Has your child been arrested for a juvenile offense? If so, it’s important you seek a juvenile criminal defense attorney who has experience defending minors such as Terrezza Law. John Terrezza at Terrezza Law is a skilled criminal defense attorney with a strong background in juvenile law and defense. He can formulate a strong defense for your child so they can obtain the best possible result for their case. 

Attorney John Terrezza has been representing minors in middle or high school for years. Whether it’s for serious criminal allegations or minor ones, John Terrezza is ready to represent your child. Get in contact with us by calling (850) 764-5291 and we will set up your first consultation.

Terrezza Law represents people throughout the greater Escambia County and Santa Rosa County area including surrounding communities such as Pensacola Beach, Gulf Breeze and Milton.

Overview of Juvenile Offenses in FL

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Common Juvenile Charges in Florida

Juvenile defendants tend to face similar charges because of criminal mischief or peer pressure. Some of the most common juvenile cries in Florida include, but are not limited to: 

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Juvenile Diversion Programs in Florida

Juvenile diversion programs are state-run alternatives for people under the age of 18 who have been charged with a crime. It allows the juvenile offender to avoid spending time in a detention center and instead has them focus on different types of rehabilitation. The purpose of the rehabilitation is so the juvenile offenders can understand the gravity of their choices as well as to deter them from committing crimes in the future. Once the program has been completed, the charges are dismissed entirely.

Diversion programs offer a wide array of services to rehabilitate their youthful candidates. Depending on the program, it could provide religious services, anger management classes, education instruction or any other type of character-building program. These services try to treat any underlying problems that may be causing the juvenile to commit crimes.

Juvenile diversion programs may also have their participants do the following:

All juvenile offenders in a diversion program will be assigned a Juvenile Probation Officer to monitor compliance and connect the minor to service providers. Diversion and court supervision for juveniles can incorporate a variety of conditions to follow including: 

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Possible Penalties and Sentencing for Juvenile Crimes

In Florida, the juvenile court system is designed to rehabilitate children rather than punish them. The court’s goal is that the child learns from the experience and can assimilate back into the community so they can avoid life as an adult criminal. If a juvenile defendant isn’t accepted into a diversion program, then there are several other sentencing options they may face. 

Some common penalties a juvenile may face if they’re unable to participate in a diversion program include the following:

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Additional Resources

The Children’s Campaign: Visit the official website for the non-profit and non-partisan organization known as the Children’s Campaign. Access the website to learn how they advocate for justice reform in Florida, which includes expanding diversion programs. 

Escambia County Juvenile Court Services – Visit the official website for the Juvenile Court Services for the First Judicial Circuit of Florida. Access the site to learn more about delinquency, dependency and children in need of service or families in need of services. 

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Lawyer for Juvenile Offenses in Pensacola, FL

Are you in need of legal representation for your child? John Terrezza of Terrezza Law is a skilled juvenile defense lawyer that can effectively represent your child in court. He will do whatever possible to seek the best possible result for your juvenile’s case. With his years of experience and knowledge, John Terrezza can fight for your child’s future. 

Contact us now at (850) 764-5291 to learn more about you or your child’s legal options in the juvenile judicial system. We can guide you through this process, advise you on what may be the next best step and build a formidable defense against you or your child’s charges.

Terrezza Law represents people throughout the greater Pensacola area including Navarre, Gulf Breeze and Milton in Florida.  

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