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Drug Crimes

As the state with the third largest population in the country, Florida regularly has some of the most arrests for drug offenses in the nation. Even when an alleged offender is charged with a simple possession misdemeanor offense, a conviction can have very serious lifelong consequences beyond possible fines and imprisonment.

Students can lose financial aid for college and many other people can be denied public benefits. Drug crimes on criminal records can also make offenders ineligible for professional licenses and create hardship when seeking employment or housing.

Lawyer for Drug Crimes in Pensacola, Florida

If you were arrested or believe that you could be under investigation for any kind of alleged crime involving a controlled substance in Florida, it is in your best interest to immediately seek legal counsel. Terrezza Law represents clients throughout the greater Pensacola area, including Gulf Breeze, Milton, Pensacola Beach, and many others.

Pensacola criminal defense attorney John Terrezza handles every stage of state and federal drug offenses, including possession charges, asset forfeiture, and sealing or expunging criminal records. You can receive a complete review of your case as soon as you call (850) 764-5291 today to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

Escambia County Drug Crimes Information Center

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Drug Schedules in Florida

Different types of controlled substances carry different penalties in Florida. Drugs were placed into five different schedules under 21 U.S. Code § 812 with the passage of the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

The drug schedules established under Florida Statute § 893.03 are largely the same as the federal schedules for controlled substances. Florida’s drug schedules are defined as follows:

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Types of Drug Crimes in Pensacola

The specific drug schedule that a controlled substance is classified under is only one factor in criminal charges. The amount of the illegal drug involved as well as the type of alleged activity also determines the extent of possible penalties for convictions.

Terrezza Law defends clients accused of all sorts of crimes involving controlled substances, including:

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Florida Resources for Drug Crimes

Greater Pensacola Area of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) — NA is an international, community-based association that originally described itself as “a nonprofit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem.” Group meetings are the primary service of NA, and membership is open to all types of drug addicts. On this website you can learn more about what happens at NA meetings, find the dates and times of meetings in your area, and also view information on upcoming events.

Drug Court | First Judicial Circuit Court of Florida — Florida was the first state in the nation to establish a drug court, and the First Judicial Circuit of Florida has a drug court in Escambia County. Drug courts are intended to be treatment-based alternatives to incarceration. You can learn more about the 10 components of drug courts as defined by the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs and also find a link to the National Association of Drug Court Professionals that more fully explains how drug courts work.

Escambia County Adult Drug Court
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(850) 595-3055

Substance Abuse | Department of Children and Families — The federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has designated Florida’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health (SAMH) Program as the single state authority on substance abuse and mental health. You can find ways to get help for drug addiction, learn about treatment services, and get more information about the SAMH Program on this website. You can also hear the stories of people who went through treatment and are in recovery.

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Find a Lawyer for Drug Crimes in Pensacola, FL

Have you or your loved one been arrested for any kind of criminal offense involving a controlled substance? You will want to immediately contact Terrezza Law.

John Terrezza is a criminal defense attorney in Pensacola who fights to get charges reduced or dismissed for clients all over Santa Rosa County and Escambia County. Call (850) 764-5291 or complete an online contact form to have you case evaluated during a free initial consultation.


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